Tim Draper Sings Bitcoin Song: PBW 2023

• Tim Draper, an American venture capital investor, gave a keynote speech at Paris Blockchain Week 2023 about the decentralization of money.
• He commented on governments distrust of cryptocurrencies and used the recent Silicon Valley Bank crisis as an example of how a “crisis of trust” can happen.
• Draper concluded his talk with the belief that Bitcoin and other decentralized financial tools will bring inevitable change to the world’s economy.

Tim Draper Speaks at Paris Blockchain Week 2023

American venture capital investor and entrepreneur Tim Draper took center stage at Paris Blockchain Week 2023 to deliver his keynote speech: “The Decentralization of Everything.” In it, he discussed how centralized governments have caused distrust in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), primarily due to the recent Silicon Valley Bank crisis.

Governmental Fear Towards Cryptocurrency

Draper opened his speech by talking about how government distrust has led to fear towards cryptocurrency. He said that those in power are “panicking” right now due to its rising popularity, citing recent remarks from the White House against digital assets. He referred to this situation as a “crisis of trust,” noting that if a strong leader was in charge they would be able to rebuild faith in banks and set them free from these restrictions.

A Drumbeat for Change

At its core, Draper believes that decentralized financial tools such as Bitcoin will drive necessary change for our global economy — one which he referred to as an “anthropological change.” He argued that each time there was an increase in currency liquidity around the world, wealth increased too — but only when it is distributed fairly across all people involved. As such, he sees Bitcoin’s rise as a drumbeat which will continue beating until this transition is complete.

The Future Is Bright

In closing out his speech on a positive note, Draper stated that although this shift might seem daunting at first, it also brings with it great potential and opportunity for everyone involved. With decentralized technologies like blockchain providing extra security and transparency while streamlining processes like payments — there is much hope for the future ahead in terms of finance and beyond!


Overall, Tim Draper’s words provided much-needed optimism during these times where uncertainty reigns supreme over so many aspects of life. His inspiring message highlighted both the challenges we must face as well as the amazing opportunities which come along with embracing new technologies such as cryptocurrency and blockchain!