Elon Musk to Delete Block Feature on X, Users Rely on Mute

• Elon Musk has announced the deletion of the block feature on X/Twitter in favor of the mute function.
• The move is seen as detrimental to users who rely on block to protect themselves from harassment, scam accounts, spam and bots.
• The decision appears to have been influenced by Musk’s introduction of a subscription service known as “Blue” which replaced the app’s previous verification system.

Elon Musk Announces Deletion of Block Feature

Elon Musk, owner of X/Twitter, recently revealed his intention to delete the block feature for users on the app. This comes in response to a post from “Tesla Owners Silicon Valley” that suggested users should rely on the “mute” function instead. A majority of comments on this post explained why a block functionality was important for them and their protection from potential harassment and malicious activity.

Musk’s Previous Comments On Block Functionality

This is not the first time Elon Musk has commented on utilising a stronger form of mute instead of relying solely on block functions. In June 7th tweet he stated that blocking public posts makes no sense and needs to be deprecated in favour of something stronger than mute alone. April 2022 saw Epic CEO Tim Sweeney call people who supported “Block the Blue” campaign (a user-led effort to prevent Blue subscribers) ‘losers and goons’ suggesting that perhaps Musk intends for some kind of meritocracy-based verification system using his Blue subscription service instead of using block features.

Potential Consequences Of Deleting Block Feature

The crypto community appears mainly concerned about increased opportunities for scam accounts, spam and bots if this feature is indeed deleted by Musk in favour or something else such as his new subscription service Blue or just using mutes alone. Many users have expressed worry over how this could lead to more unfettered harassment with no way for them to protect themselves effectively against it without taking advantage of other measures such as muting or subscribing to services like Blue which may not provide enough protection for some users’ needs.

Criticisms Of Musk And His Subscription Service

Many users across the app blame Musks intention to delete this feature on its negative effect on those who subscribe to Blues subscription service rather than relying solely on Blocks functionality which has worked well so far for many users protecting them from various types of malicious activity online. Other criticisms include Tim Sweeneys statement calling people supporting blocks campaign ‘losers and goons’ indicating perhaps that he believes only those who subscribe should be allowed access or at least protected better than those who do not use his services implying that it is classism rather than meritocracy based system he wants implemented after all.


It is still unclear what will happen when Block feature gets deleted but one thing seems certain: many people are worried about potential consequences and are hoping that some other measure can be taken either through additional muting options or through protected membership subscriptions such as Blues before any such changes take place permanently. It remains up in the air whether these worries will be addressed or ignored until we see what exactly happens once Blocks functionality gets completely removed from X/Twitter platform shortly afterwards..